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If you’re looking for a dependable driver to take you to your destination, Heritage Taxi is your ideal choice. You can hire us for airport transportation, corporate travels, and more. 

Recent Article About Jerry W. of Heritage Taxi 

Contact Jerry W. if you need a ride to a conference or the airport. Here’s an article that showcases why you can count on us for your transportation needs.

“He was very personable and reliable,” Flisser said. “He called the room to check if I was there, and when I told him I was running a bit late he waited ten minutes for me.”

Flisser said he had used Jerry’s service every time since then, and he “absolutely” recommends Jerry to others. “I’ve used Metro City before and they are inconsiderate, late and unreliable. With Jerry, I know he’s going to be there. He’s committed to his business and treats you with respect.”

For sufferers of the New Haven taxi permit wars, Walthall offers reliable transportation and a phone line that doesn’t beep back at you.
“I’m educated, I’m a nice guy,” Walthall said, “I have an ego. I’m not a saint, but I love people. I like to be outside, under the sun. It’s not about money, my life is my work. I always like to help people.”

“Whenever I’m in a strange city, I always ask the taxi drivers where the best hotels and jazz clubs are,” Walthall said of his colleagues. “Cab drivers are the best representatives of the city.”

Walthall has not emerged from the inner-city taxi business unscathed. In his 10 years as a taxi driver, he has been shot at twice and stabbed once.

He was stabbed by a customer who pulled a knife on him and demanded money while they were enjoying a late-night coffee break together. 
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